The great coach that I am came with lots of life experiences but also with the knowledge and work of other people so I could master my craft. I do believe you deserve to have resources that I believe are amazing and that have helped me. The Universe always brings us what we need in different ways, and it brought me these people and programs, and resources. Have fun discovering them!

Twin Flames Community - Mirror Exercice

To heal the triggers you get from circumstances. 

It is the one exercice that Jeff and Shaleia, the mentors, are using to remove any blocks on a Twin Flames Journey, which is a journey to unconditional self-love. Since the world we create is as within so without, any blocks or upset we live in our daily lives come down to the relationship we have with ourselves. Feel free to check out their community while you are there.

Nick Breau

Nick Breau is one of the mentor that I followed for a while. I got trained and got certified as a Master Freedom Leader. The program is not offered anymore as he has evolved. I still support the community he has built and do believe he has lots of value to offer for those who are a match to his energy. Nick and Anik are amazing people. The program Freedom Formula that is offered on my website was built by Nick. I still, to this day, believe it is an amazing program to start in the law of attraction.

Lorin Krenn

I have not used any of his services yet, but I follow him on Tik Tok and Instagram, and I really appreciate the wisdom he has concerning masculine and feminine divine energy. It helps me remember who I am, and start acting like this Divine Goddess that I am. Check him out if it is something that interests you.

Académie ZéroLimite

This is a French Community in Quebec from the mentor Martin Latulippe. Martin is an amazing speaker that knows how to get a group of people energized and ready to achieve anything they desire. As part of this amazing, loving and supportive community, I got to become a certified Applied Neurosciences Lifecoach, through INAC. Martin and his crew have what it takes to bring back your mojo. Check them out! He also offers LIVE in person events that are worth your while if you can attend them.