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On my Youtube channel, you will find different content. Go watch the podcast I made 2 years ago, or check out some of the Tik Tok Lives replays I did last years. Watch in replay my healing journey, some coaching calls I did with followers, let's cook together, some stories about being a widow and a single mom, and much more...

My girls, Sophie and Emilie, also have their Youtube channel. We use it to share their creative stories and their world. Feel free to support them to support them in creating more. They are very cute! More videos to come!


On the Perso account, you will find fun videos of me and the girls, some of our own creations as the girls practice their video and storytelling skills. It is fun, and lighthearted. You will also find a review of places we visited and products that we used that are found on our Amazon Store.


Follow me and the girls daily and weekly to see what we are up to. I share updates of activities we do, products we used, sales Amazon has, and so much more... DO=on't just look at the pictures as I usually use them to write a story of a breakthrough or a mindset shift I got in the description.

I also do LIVES once in a while when I feel inspired. So make sure to follow to get the notification that I am LIVE and come chat with me.

Follow me here if you want to just see updates of photoshoots and projects that I work on.

I do LIVES once in a while as well!


Come friend me so we can stay in touch. If you are a coach, I will not tolerate being DM to sell your services. If I need them, the Universe will send me your posts to see and I will reach out to you. Thank you for your comprehension! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Follow me. This is my Professional Page where I share mostly the posts from Instagram (automatically). If you want to get a hold of me, Messenger or Instagram is the easiest way.