Lifecoach Disclaimer

I am a certified lifecoach in applied neurosciences, I also have a certification as a Freedom Leader.  I do work with emotions to transmute the emotional baggage from the past to allow new positive experiences to flow in. This being said, I am not a therapist. I have a trauma-informed training, which is not a trauma-focus training. I am not certified as a trauma therapist. If you need help with your mental health, I would love to work with you, alongside of a professional therapist as a supplement to your healing. I do help people heal their emotional baggage, I do have a trauma-informed care training, and do work with people who have gone through traumas, but with the intent of understanding what are the limiting beliefs and the fears of my clients. I do not dwell on the stories, as in my line of work, the story is only a circumstance. We work through the emotions that are triggered in the now, understanding where they come from, so the client has a better understanding of the choices in his life for taking actions that are aligned to his goals. I support people in taking accountability for their actions and for their emotional state. I support my clients in releasing the pain of the past that they carry deep down so they can attract better experiences using the law of attraction and the law of assumption. After working with me, clients have more compassion and more self-love, and feel lighter and freer.

Many clients have reported not having physical pain or having their emotional pain reduces to a maximum after working with me for a session. They have reported feeling better, having dealt with their issues that they have been working on with therapists for many years. They have reported that in one hour, I have busted what was limiting them. This being said, all the results depend on the person. I truly believe the mind is so powerful that someone can heal themselves. I am not the one healing them, but I have the right questions and right skills to get people to believe in their own power that they allow their pain to go away. People heal themselves when they believe in them. I do share these fantastic results but again, the clients are the ones doing the inner work, therefore, results depend on the openness of the client.

If you have suicidal thought that require immediate assistance, please contact your local emergency authorities like 911, or your therapist. If you do not have immediate support, contact Info Suicide Canada at 1.833.456.4566.