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Realize your own worth and potential by booking your private coaching call to remove your limiting beliefs. You will leave feeling free to be your authentic self and to unconditionally love yourself without the shame!

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your life, you might be seeking a way to escape that stagnation. With mindset life coaching, you can learn how to navigate your life without getting stuck. Marie-Ève will provide you with the tools to change your mindset and enjoy the life you’re living, however that may look in your situation.

Discover Marie-Ève's podcast episodes, products that has helped her have an easier life as a widow and single mom, projects she is working on, and much more...

Marie-Ève is based in Quebec, but her online presence stretches even further. Whether you’re looking for a coach, a model, or a public speaker, Marie-Ève can do it all. Learn more about what she can teach you below.

Who is Marie-Ève?

Marie-Ève, The Affiliate Marketer

As a single mom and widow since 2017, I had to learn to make my life the easiest and the most efficient. I tried products and services and here, I share most of them as I don't believe in gatekeeping. You will find products that helped me for the many different stages of family life, personal growth and mindset shift that I find the most benficial with all of you.

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I offer conferences on different subjects such as my journey as a caregiver for my husband who had cancer, my grief journey, my spiritual awakening story, how I use the law of attraction and trust the universe has my back, and more...

Check out some of my past conferences in the Podcast & Media section --) https://marieevemongrain.com/media/

If interested in having me at your conference or live event, please use the contact form below, and I will get in touch.

As a gift to you, I offer you for free a copy of my French Memoir I wrote in 2018 to graduate from my coaching course. It was written in a stream of consciousness so, it is not a streamlined story. 


This picture was taken to promote a fundraiser two speakers and myself did to support the mental health foundation CERVO in Quebec City. We had two nights at La Scène Lebourgneuf which had almost 200 guests at each showing. It was such a fun event to be part of.


What Do I Offer?

The first discovery call is 250$ and we will go in depth on finding the main emotions that keep you stuck in fear or from achieving your dreams at the moment. We will also start transmuting the limiting perspectives so that you can already feel an emotional relief by the end of the session.

After this, I offer a $15 000, 3-month package in which we will do clearing work. During those sessions 12 weekly sessions, lasting between 60 to 75 minutes, I will help you see your worth, help you achieve internal freedom, let go of old negative stories that keep you in a state of "not good enough" so your energetic frequency can rise to higher level and attract more amazing opportunities.

You will go from "I feel like I am a burden" to "I am a blessing", from "I am not good enough" to "I am the one".


Check out the testimony section at the bottom of this page to see some amazing results my clients had after working with me.

Marie-Ève, The Mindset and Self-Love Lifecoach

I have the privilege of being a certified coach in applied neurosciences from David Lefrançois' program (INAC) in Québec and I am also a Master Freedom Leader from Nick Breau's Freedom Formula Program. I now offer the training that allows you to reclaim the power in your life and create the reality of your dream.

On my beautiful website, I offer you different options to work with me. I offer one-on-one coaching which is tailored to your personal situation. In these sessions, we look at the patterns you attract in your life, be in your love life, career, or other circumstances, and we work together in reframing the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself such as "I am not good enough, or worthy".

I look forward to be a guide in your spiritual awakening and journey! Feel free to contact me by clicking the button below.

Whether you need the confidence to change jobs or you need to learn to clear your negative emotions without changing your circumstances, our certified mindset life coach can use her background in applied neurosciences to find the root of your unhappiness so you can work on clearing your head and progressing in your life.

Marie-Ève Mongrain has experienced more than her fair share of grief in life, so she can use her experience shifting her own mindset to help you successfully navigate your own problems, whether they stem from grief or something else. She loves working with strong emotions, especially using what she learned from the Freedom Formula Leader program.

If you’re ready to heal yourself emotionally, lift yourself to new heights, improve your wellbeing, and experience the powers of love and freedom again, get in touch with us. You can try out Marie-Ève’s podcast first, or spread the love and invite her to speak at an event. We also provide seminars on the law of attraction, teaching you how to use it consciously in your life.


Marie-Ève, The Actress and Model

As a great coach, I believe it is important that I walk the talk. By helping my clients realize their dreams, I have to do so myself. Being an actress and model is one of them that I had from a young age. 

 This is super exciting for me to discover the behind the scenes of the entertainment magic and to be sharing with you my experiences.

You can find my modelling portfolio on Instagram if you want to see some of my work. You can also subscribe to my Patreon community to see the extra pictures that I have. If you want to follow me on a daily basis, my personal Instagram pagre is the place to go.

Click on the following links to access them.

Marie-Ève, The Widow & Mom

Widowed since 2017, solo mom of two girls, Marie-Ève is a 38-year-old woman who found strength in her emotional healing as she became conscious that her thoughts and emotions created her reality.

She has healed the guilt and many other "negative" emotions she was experiencing in her grief and as a mom, even if her husband had passed away from cancer. She also transformed her feelings of being a burden and being unworthy of her dreams to attracting them in her reality effortlessly and knowing she has great healing power.

Her life has become a magnet to amazing things because she believes everyone is deserving of it simply by being born. She now helps people heal the relationship they have with themselves by busting their limiting beliefs and fears, as she embodies the energy of the solution. She uses her skills as a certified coach in applied neurosciences, as a certified Master Freedom Formula Facilitator as well as her personal life experiences. Her journey is like no other, and she is ready to share her secrets to happiness with you!

She became the authority in her life, so that she could support you in becoming the authority in your own life. She is simply a mirror of you, and has evidence of what is possible for you in this lifetime.


a Few Words of Appreciation


My session with Marie-Eve was so powerful! She is one of the most unafraid people I have ever met. Even though I've been studying manifestation for awhile now, during our discussion, she listened so well and pointed out more ways that I hold myself back in life with my limiting thoughts and beliefs. She does not waver in her own belief that we have the ability to create the reality we want, and that it is done. Much food for thought and many good points to bring into my daily thoughts and actions. Thank you Marie! 


I had a wonderful "aha moment" during the session with Marie-Ève. I don't need to doubt and think that a certain outcome is not coming cause deep down me, I might not want it. I can simply start and dream about a completely different outcome if I want to. I'm free to choose whatever my heart desires. Marie-Ève was so passionate with her special way of approaching topics that at a certain point, I felt like I was naturally going with the flow. I couldn't help but follow this unstoppable lady with her contagious high vibing energy. This was the first time that, within a session, I cleared several beliefs. And this was thanks to Marie-Ève's amazing care and love. Very grateful for having had this session with her!!

Briselda Stase

Marie-Eve facilitated a process with me that left me with ABSOLUTE clarity as to why I experienced a negative event when I was relaxed and feeling good. With Marie-Eve's help, I got to the root of my subconscious beliefs that where attracting my experiences. Thank you so much Marie-Eve.

Roxanne Christian

I had a 20 year block with money which was not helpful as a self employed business owner! I met with Marie Eve and within an hour I had cleared that perspective and was walking away with a new belief. And a month later it hasn't come back. I am so so grateful for her work.


Marie-Eve keeps you safely on the edge in a way that is supportive and loves you enough to keep you from sabotaging out and avoid what has to be uncovered. She is simply the most exceptional coach I've had the pleasure to deal with. Her accuracy and tact are unparalleled in anything I've experienced this far. I trust she is able to help anyone who is open and willing to expand greatly into freedom and love. Woohoo! You are worth it. Contact her.


Before Marie Eve, I was lost in people-pleasing and not paying attention to my needs & wants. Now, I'm working for a company that actually meets what I want, and I finally have this effortless kind of vibe ( I used to believe that I had to work extra hard in comparison to anyone else). Marie Eve will simply smash all your limiting beliefs and show you how to rise your vibration. Love you <3

Veronika Sanobova

I came to Marie-Eve walking like a kid to his first day of school, reluctant and without joy. Marie took my hands and walked me through her process... wow was I overjoyed. It was that easy, or she was that skilful? She made me believe I did all the work myself. Run into her care and she will make you see/become a better you!

Claude Labbe

Thank you Marie-Eve for your generous spirit! My first session with you helped me to get in touch and release something deep that was standing in my way of realizing a dream that I have. I can see that you will be successful as a coach and you will help many people! Keep up the amazing work!

Ilia K

After one session with Marie-Eve is obvious that she has IT! She easily allowed me space to be and at the same time continuously brought me back on point so I did not get lost in my stories or rabbit holes I had dug. She teased out and really helped me to look at beliefs that were holding me back that I did not want to let go of. These wer not serving me and she guided me to finding them while guiding me in reframing the reality I created. She reminded me that I am responsible for the life I experience and with that it means I also am the one in total control of changing it. With in two hours of our call, my mind, heart and belief shifts I saw simple yet potent changes that made me want more. Thank you for your spirit, groundedness and conviction that it truly is our thoughts that create the reality we live each moment!

Michelle Smiley

Marie Eve is a joy to work with. She is thorough, compassionate, and brought a fun playful vibe to the whole experience. We quickly shifted and cleared all of my negative emotions in under 2 hours. I'm amazed at how much fun the session was and I feel so much lighter now

Kent Petersen

Marie-Eve a une approche motivante qui saura diluer les émotions qui vous empêchent d'aller vers vos buts et votre plein épanouissement.

Véronique Vincent

Marie quickly and without hesitation jumped in to help me get to the source of my "stuck ness" and lack of ability to manifest what I really wanted in the moment. By asking the right questions, and creating a safe space for me to honestly answer, within minutes we got to the bottom of my underlying contradicting emotions that I built up over an experience that happened in childhood and carried on for years. We were able to identify the limiting belief and find evidence in my life supporting the new one. I got an immediate relief and was on my way of manifesting fast! Can't wait to work with her again.


Awesome emotion clearing session with Marie-Eve! She has wonderful energy and made me feel instantly at ease. She was able to reframe my core negative beliefs in a way that made me immediately see how irrational and untrue they were. I left the session feeling lighter, cheerful and excited about life. Highly recommended!

Millenia Hexe
on Sat Nov 28 2020

Marie Eve has a way of explaining how I create what I experience in my life in a way that everything just clicked for me! I could see how untrue (and even ridiculous) my perspectives were which caused them to instantaneously shift. She has a gift for this work and I highly recommend her!


Marie-Ève est une lumière inestimable qui rentre dans notre vie. Elle apporte un regard nouveau sur soi, un regard d’amour.
Son écoute active, sa vivacité d’esprit, sa bienveillance, son non-jugement et la pertinence de ses interventions et ses pistes de solutions apportent de multiples prises de conscience afin de guérir nos blessures émotionnelles et cesser d’être coincés dans des schémas répétitifs.
Merci, Marie-Ève, d’être la travailleuse de lumière que tu es.

Isabel Rabeau

I enjoyed my time working with Marie-Eve. She has a "no-excuses" approach and often has great reframes for the situation(s) we worked on.

I love how she was able to personalize solutions or implement strategies that were specific to me, and not a general cookie-cutter recommendation.

I highly recommend working with Marie Eve if you are ready to truly experience change.

If you are new to doing clearing work, you will be amazed at how Marie Eve connects the dots to seemingly unrelated things, but I guarantee it always comes full circle to make sense.

Thank you again Marie Eve!


Marie-Ève a cette joie de vivre plus grande que l’univers! Elle m’a aidé à voir le positif dans des situations difficiles et où je ne voyais pas de lumière. Elle m’a aidé à m’ouvrir l’esprit et reconnaître ce que je vaux. Rien ne l’arrête. Et je me sens bien d’entreprendre des projets qui me paraissaient trop difficiles auparavant. Merci Marie-Ève. XxX


Marie Eve was was able to help me clear some limiting negative beliefs I had about myself that was keeping me stuck. I loved the technique she used to help me clear them and to help me see my beliefs weren’t others beliefs or the truth. I still think of and use her technique when I encounter another negative belief. Her energy is uplifting and she’s very encouraging. She was a delight to work with and she’s effective!


Marie ève a été surper dans ma formation elle ma aider a mieux comprendre la manifestion et surtout comment bien l’appliquer de facon quotidienne . Je pratiqur ceci chaque jour pour reussir a vivre ma vie de rêve . (Translated by Google) Marie Eve was a great success in my training, she helped me better understand the manifestation and especially how to apply it well on a daily basis. I practice this every day to successfully live my dream life.

Valérie Ménard

I consulted with Marie Eve, feeling a little lost and a little over whelmed with my professional life. Over the course of the hour we unpacked the things I knew were holding me back, as well as brought to light some of the unconscious insecurities that were restraining my professional growth. She's definitely worth the consultation. 


Les coaching avec Marie-Ève sont extraordinaires et m'ont permis de libérer plusieurs traumas enfouis dès la première rencontre. Je vous la recommande fortement.

Geneviève Grondin

MarieEve is very insightful. And has a very interesting way to help you see things clearly and take the time to help… her podcasts are so helpful… but her lives on ticktock I always come away at peace and so full of self love and hope.. she has helped me in so many ways… after seeing 3 different therapists… she is a wonderful. Human !!!



Payton Beaudoin