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Marie-Ève Mongrain
Marie Eve Mongrain With Two Kids

My mission is to bring Heaven on Earth and share my love message with as many people as I can. By working on my inner healing, energetically I heal people simply from my presence.  We see the world as deep as we see ourselves. So by working on loving myself unconditionally, I can extend that same love for everyone, no matter what, and help them see themselves through the eyes of God.

Your financial support means I can carry on offering free coaching to the people I meet on the road, and I can keep doing LIVE shows on social media to provide the support people need. I went Live daily on Tik Tok for 2 years and coached people from around the world for free. I now do Lives on Instagram.

With your support, I also can share your love with my daughters who lost their dad to cancer in 2017. They deserve the best. They also take part of the mission to bring more love onto the world. In the past month, we have been practicing watercolour techniques  and have offered free homemade cards with the words "love, joy" to random people we would meet at the beach or on our walk. People have told them how much it had made their day better, and it was an amazing thing that I want to do more of with the girls. I homeschool the girls so we follow our highest excitement. It is fun to be able to share these beautiful moments as a family.

Your support is important for myself so I can continue to touch the lives of many people I meet through discussions and through  coaching. I do believe everyone should be free of pain and I help bring this in my reality as much as I can by helping myself so I can be a better support for others.

Any donation helps me cover the costs of the administrative aspect to helping people. It helps me to create content for my social media in which I share how I navigate my grief and being a single mom, by working my mindset and shifting realities. By sharing how I embody the words and theory I live by, I inspire people to be true to themselves and love themselves 10/10. I teach them to let the Universe bring their desires without controlling the how.

Your financial support helps me also do my emotional healing as I can hire the best coaches in the industry (after myself obviously 😉 ) to stay at the top of my capacities to be optimal for you all.

I appreciate all kind of support, being financial, material, but also time and connection. If you know podcasts or tv shows looking for guests to share their stories, I would appreciate to be connected. If you have some time to volunteer and help in different areas of my life or business so I can be the best for my clients and for my family, I would also appreciate.

You can donate by following the link provided at the top and bottom of this page.

I thank you so much for supporting me in making this world a better place!

Marie-Ève Mongrain