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Podcast with Co-Hostess Jill Nicolini

1944 Jill Nicolini Interviews Marie-Eve-Mongrain

Owner and Life Coach

1881 1944 Jill Nicolini Interviews Marie-Eve-Mongrain

Owner and Life Coach

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After my husband Erik passed away from cancer in 2017 at the Princess Margaret Hospital, his story got chosen to be used as their big fundraising campaign in which I shared our story and how the hospital had helped us throughout his journey. We raised over $1 000 000 and so much love and support. You can find an article of this event here:

Doves of Hope Campaign Overview:

  • Runs from October and through the holiday season. 2018 marked their 18th year. They send their campaign in many ways: mail, email, and social media and through the Doves of Hope website. 
  • My story was shared in a direct mail letter that mailed out in early to mid-October.  The package contained a 4-page letter.  Along with the letter, the package contained a metal Dove ornament and a paper Dove.  People were encouraged to keep the metal Dove and display it during the holiday season. Along with sending a donation, people were asked to dedicate the paper Dove to someone special – it could have been someone who was fighting cancer or someone who passed away from cancer, or even a health care provider who made a difference.  The Doves were then strung up in throughout the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.  In 2017, over 10,000 people sent in a dedication. 
  • Their mailing was shared with approx. 70,000 donors to ask them to consider a donation. They also mailed it to 250,000 prospects to invite them to become our newest donors to The Princess Margaret.
  • All the funds raised go towards their general fund which funds the highest priorities of the Cancer Centre.
  • Along with the direct mail letter, they also shared messages on their various social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as well as share videos on their YouTube channel. 
  • There was  a Dove Ceremony, which was held December 12, 2018.  The ceremony celebrated the Dove campaign, and honoured the person in our campaign, Erik, my husband.  I spoke at the ceremony.
  • In 2017, our campaign raised $1.1 million dollars to help Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime.