3-Month Individual Coaching Program Assessment Call



This is the only coaching package that I offer.

Before we work together for 3 months, I require that we have a one-time $300 CDN ($250 USD) assessment session to make sure you are ready to work with me. We will assess what happened in your past and what emotions have been a pattern in your love, work, family life. And from there, we will see what is still stopping you from living a life of freedom right now.

From the assessment, we will decide if we both are ready to commit to a 3-month program. Not everybody is ready for tis kind of transformation, so this is why the assessment is needed.  Once agreed upon the terms, you get 3 months of one-on-one weekly coaching calls through Zoom. Each call lasts 60 minutes. You also have access to the Facebook Support Group, and access to me through Messenger or Email between the calls.

We will work your limiting beliefs, uncomfortable emotions, fears and anything that you believe stands in the way of receiving the blessings you have manifested.

You will learn how powerful your mind is, how the law of attraction and assumptions are working for you and not against you, how to create consciously, how to love yourself unconditionally, and how to reframe the stories that keep you feeling like you are not good enough, that you are a burden, or any other emotions that are making you struggle.

Working with me even after one session will change your life as this is how powerful my work is. You will start seeing life differently and it will be amazing! That you are struggling with anger, grief, abuse, negative self-talk, or anything else, it always comes back down to one thing: YOU and how you feel within. It is never about the other people or the circumstances but always about how they make us feel. You will learn to take accountability for your own happiness and allow the Universe/God/your Higher Self to provide for you effortlessly.